Sheep Skin of Nuffnang – Are they honest?

November 25, 2007

Everyday I see the amount of bloggers put into illusion by Nuffnang for the purpose of their own collective coffer to emulate successful Dot commer they so desire. Right now with the huge amount of blogs hanging the blue Nuffnang logo for nothing, owners of Nuffnang can use the figure of 13,000 to mislead advertisers into thinking they had a huge network of publishers reading to hang advertisements. In actual fact, how much of this blog is equated with the potential to attract an advertisement? Nuffnang is synonymous with the term SCAM. The number of publishers signed up with them has no meaning to how big is the network because a big portion of those network has no chance of attracting an advertisement and destined to hang a blue logo for life. That figure is not a correct unit to represent their advertising capability. The community they speak of are the community that is hanging a blue logo for the sake of advertising Nuffnang.

This huge community from a company who recruit blogs on the pretence of allowing them to make money with a blog which could attract 20 visitors does not have any idea how to fulfill that promise to you.

Where does all these bullshit come from?

From the two faced Timothy Tiah and Ming Shen.

On one hand they impose some sort of requirements to appear legitimate and a community dot commer. Giving us nothing more than a blue logo is no good. Imposing all sort requirements and trying to con you into signing up to provide free advertisement for them and at the same time, you signing up would help to increase their figure and then they will SHOUT that figure into the advertiser’s ear and then only blogs with high traffic gets the advertisements, is that any good to you?

On the other hand they flaunt their advertisers to publishers and tell them “we do not have lack of advertisers, but you have not enough traffic!” Do we need them to tell us we do not have enough traffic? Why did they attract us here with the requirement if they know our traffic is insufficient in the first place? Had they been honest? Is it all for the gain of Nuffnang only? NOT THE COMMUNITY? How do I know that! When the promises are called to be deliver, nothing is being mentioned, no public statement, no press released, a simple lack of respect for us? They want us to hang out their blue logo but are refuses to deliver the promises they made in the first place? Not even prepare to stand by their very word?

Something is very wrong here!

A true Scammer disguised in the sheep skin of community dot commer?

Have they being honest? Let me use a few more examples to explain the calm reason of checking this company.

Have you got an advertisement for your blog? Have you made no more than $2 for a week? Do you know how much advertisers are paying them to put advertisements on your blog? Essentially 4 or 5 figures per advertisement. If they were to let a blog make $2 a week and if they were to put it on 50 blogs, that is equating to $100 right? How much are they making? Have they been honest?

They had come a system whereby the public wouldn’t know whether an advertisement on your blog is earned through clicks or impressions. Now this is seriously a very con method of paying you. Because it means that you have no way to know how much you are supposed to make. You couldn’t install any software because it is up to them to tell you which one is click and which one is not. Now that is seriously a perpetuating cycle of scam growing ad infinitum. They can unilaterally decide how to cut your earnings and grow their earnings. This method of calculating your earnings, not enough for me to call it dubious but enough for me to think it.

This community to Nuffnang is both a boon and a bane. It serves them well by giving them the complete power to determine their own earnings and also the resources to be dubious to you. Likewise that sense of scamming will make them feel infinitely strong, a state that will start the process of the fall.

They will fall soon enough.

Have you believe yet? Do you think Nuffnang is able to check itself? Prevent it from making dubious earnings that could have belong to you? Their honesty has a lack of substance.

Let me give you another example. Do you know that the Nuffnang owners are also putting advertisements unto their own blogs? Do you know how much they earn? If I tell you they are among the top earners in the chart, will you believe? Do you also know that they do not need password to access their account? Do you know the traffic in their blog? They are left to monitor their own earnings from advertisers; do you think there is something wrong with this? You want proof?Here

Now do you believe yet? Do you think this is a school project where you can cheat to get higher marks? This is not! Their deeds so far had been analyzed in this blog and feel free to read through them and understand the mind of these 2 owners. Start from Here


Summary of Questions – For Nuffnang Owners (Ming Shen and Timothy Tiah – Please answer )

November 21, 2007
The first quintessential question:
Why did they implement a $1 fee for cash out of a cheque? How did they arrive at the figure $1?

The second quintessential question:
Did Nuffnang really arbitrage on the situation by implementing fees to its publishers (not consumer in this case) unfairly?

The third quintessential question:
Why did Nuffnang not giving advertisements to blogs at the end of the long tail when they had promised in the beginning? Are tail end bloggers under the ditch of slippery slope of no advertisement ever suitable for their blog because advertisements would always go to higher traffic blogs?

The fourth quintessential question:
How does Nuffnang’s justify it’s method of calculating earnings for bloggers, especially those that had a fairly high traffic but earning a paltry sum?

The fifth quintessential question:
Should Nuffnang be trusted further and be endowed with confidence to manage advertisement on your blogs, if they had in the beginning shown a peculiar tendency of mismanaging your expectation and are now concern about wanting $1 for each cheque from publisher(bloggers) , without justifying the cause for it?

This sixth quintessential question:
Were Nuffnang on the path of a scammer from the beginning?

This seven quintessential question:
Did Nuffnang have a moral high ground, given its business with extremely big corporations, to change its TOS to benefit itself rather than bloggers, many who had not even made money with Nuffnang?

The eight quintessential question:
Does Nuffnang really think that the community will take the amendment of their TOS quietly, knowing what they know and feeling what they feel?

The ninth quintessential question:
Have Nuffnang understood the possible community abnormalities and costs due to the implementation of $1 fees to it’s loyal bloggers?

The tenth quintessential question:
The blogger’s voices in the community and reality are diametrically opposite to those celebrity bloggers that are with them, which one is Nuffnang listening?

The eleventh quintessential question:
Does Nuffnang knows that once that community’s confidence is eroded via the delay in fulfilling its promises, it will have a direct impact on its business dealings and subsequent commercial partnership?

The twelfth quintessential question:
Did Nuffnang know that the business model they sold to the public would never be sufficient in providing for all blogs with 20 counters? Why was it still been sold to the community and to release statements that their operation is made to provide for blogs with 20 counters?

The thirteenth quintessential assertion:
From the invention that they created, they are benefiting from it unfairly. We do not want them able to write rules to favor themselves! We want the rules to be written for community and not applicable to themselves!

The fourteenth quintessential question:
We want Nuffnang to succeed yet we were force to discontinue our loyalty when they the direst of public handling in lieu of their maladminister, is Nuffang festering hatred amongst departed supporters by keeping muted their standing instead of assurances?

The fifteenth quintessential assertion:
Given the current circumstances of Nuffnang’s relentless, do you seriously believe that hanging on to that blue logo will make you money one day? Do you believe they have not betray your trust for coming up with a reason to make you sign up in the first place but refuse to even justify that reason now?

Message for bloggers with 20 unique visitors – Nuffnang

November 18, 2007
Nuffnang has allowed blogs with 20 unique visitors to register with them. Why do they not allow zero unique visitors to register?

Because if you do not have visitors to your blog, you are not able to guarantee advertising for the Nuffnang’s logo which was their intention for this group of blogs.

Let me put it even simpler: Nuffnang’s registration for you is not to ensure you will be allocated an advertisement, even though they promised you. You are to provide free advertisement for Nuffnang’s brand name.

Let me put it even simpler still: Nuffnang were going to attract you using their 20 unique visitor’s requirements to register and then hang a one of their blue logo. Their point of attracting you was not going to serve you advertisement.

Let me put another notch lower in simplicity: With or without Nuffnang’s logo, you are not going to get an advertisement on your site because their business model is the same as any advertising model and they will only put advertisements on blogs that can give them more value meaning higher exposure and not yours.

For the lack of better words: If Nuffnang insists on 20 unique visitors for signing up, and not giving any advertisements after even if you have 20 unique visitors, they are crooks! You do not hang a blue logo for them for just to help them to spread their brand name without getting paid?

To sum it all: When you are hanging that logo on your blog, you are providing Nuffnang FREE space, time and exposure to advertise for their BRAND!

To sum it twice: The business model of Nuffnang was to use celebrity blogs which can command extremely high traffics to serve adverts. They have a group of bloggers who have been getting all the advertisements, you and them are registrants, no different, the only difference is you hang a blue logo for FREE while they hang an advertisement for good money monthly!

To sum it thrice: You were loyal to Nuffnang, you loved Nuffnang, but they do not love you. Nuffnang made a fool of themselves after 10 months now to trick many blogs into signing up for them. Nuffnang made a fool of them self to attract advertisers, the story is slowly unfolding.

Nuffnang refused to give fairness to its consumer unless they are forced to deal with it. What does it mean? It means fairness is either in existence or it is not. They have not allowed its existence because they can be the ride of it. In the end, a slave ship will still be a slave ship, nothing will change that. Whether there will be the moral courage to be awakens, I am simply saying now is the time.

Ladies and gentleman let me ask you a very simple question:

What is your opinion on a company who came into existence to trick you into signing up for them to hang their brand name so they can take the astronomical number of blogs that are registered with them to their advertisers and ask for business dealings while a pre-selected few celebrity bloggers would be getting the big chunk of advertisements instead of you?

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Mister Larry Lim : Letter of Demand for Moral Rights Infringement – Nuffnang

November 17, 2007

17 Nov 2007

Dear Larry,

I am a reader of your blog(

As a reader, I have the equal rights of all commenter in your blog:

  1. The right to post a comment on your blog;
  2. The right against false accusation; and
  3. The right of integrity, to object to defamatory treatment of me on your blog.

I have noticed that you have said on your blog that I had deleted the comments I had posted on your blog. As there is no delete button on your blog for commenter, therefore what you have said is the equivalent of me hacking into your site to perform the delete function. As you know hacking into a site is constitute as a serious crime under the Misuse of Computer Act in Singapore and Malaysia.

However the conduct described above is not true and constitutes an infringement of my moral right and integrity.

To rectify this infringement of my rights, I require that you undertake to:

Retract that statement you have made and issue a public apology to me on your blog or otherwise proceedings for defamation will be commenced against you.

You can confirm your acceptance of these undertakings by posting a comment “I am sorry” in this thread within 21 days.

You are now on notice as to my moral rights in respect of what you have said of me.

If I do not receive an adequate response within 21 days of this posting, the step I will take is proceed with legal action in order to protect my rights including, without limitation, for injunction relief or to recover damages without further notice to you.

I otherwise reserve all my rights.



The Balance and Reason of it All – Nuffnang

November 16, 2007
The Balance and Reason of it all

The whole idea of my existence is about a certain balance. What kind of balance has the media achieved? What kind of balance am I looking for? What kind of balance is a reasonable man looking for?

The incumbent in his pretentious community dot comer demands that we patiently wait for advertisements, theoretically, we know that they do not have sufficient advertisers. Indeed if we do not have enough visitors to our blog, then why do they allow us to sign up for their service knowing we do not have enough? Is hanging a blue logo for them a reasonable trade off?

The incumbent t in his pretentious community dot comer demands understanding for their current predicament which is high cost of operational materials such as 20cent envelopes and ink and hence the increase of $1 when we cash out. Is that reasonable? If we do not reach $50 or $100 and qualify for cash out, do they not have a homogeneous operation cost? A moral yardstick of decision destroyed the confidence of the blogging public. Nuffnang charges you $1 because of bank charging them $0.50 per cheque and tell you the other $0.50 is for operation cost. How far can Nuffnang go in destroying the trust of the already skeptical consumer?

If indeed some (eg. Mister Larry Lim) said it is not fair for Nuffnang to absorb any charges, are not 50cent of the operational cost also not call absorbing but part of a term call overhead which is part of an equation of a business? Are they so fearful that if they do not take this opportunity to pass on $0.50 of their operational cost to every cheque issued they might not have a chance to do so? If indeed a cost is requiring processing the delivery of a cheque to a customer, is the figure $0.50 a double-dealing? Have they wanted $0.50 from each customer so much that they fail to understand the consequence of waking up a sleeping tiger? Something is very wrong with the kind of treacherous and perfidious values Nuffnang is operating.

I cannot explain it all other than call it pretentious dot commer! How far can we not believe what they did was not right if they cannot justify what they decided to charge you? We want an honest community dot commer yet they lock us up with a blue logo when we sign up and now even we made enough to cash out, our earnings are exploited. How are we to trust them if they do not have trustworthiness to start with? How fair is it to charge $0.50 without justifying so and organize events such as show screening for few hundred bloggers? Ladies and gentleman, you are paying for these show screenings. It is not balanced, it is not reasonable.

Now the community who are still hanging on to the blue logo is throttling breathlessly. The bloggers are not only not getting advertisements; they are to make believe a deception of paying for an operational cost. Who cares for the tail end bloggers if the tail end bloggers do not care for themselves? They are the cause of their own action. Nobody told them to sign up with Nuffnang? Let us not care for them. Indeed, let it not be remembered the tail end blog will never make money. Let’s concentrate on the celebrity blogs which can make us the money. Ladies and gentleman, I am the voice of the tail end bloggers. Nuffnang has become too hard not to be brittle.

With their refusal to counter public’s concern to allegations, now a statistical game has began, a game of who will leave Nuffnang, the cost of implementing $0.50 against the number of bloggers left, how it affect their earnings from celebrity bloggers, Is this not a fair assumption? In a true bona fide company, the owners will obligate and deliver. However in Nuffnang they promise and neglect like serving you a ten-course dinner with hawker food! That is the essence of a pretentious dot commer.

The unbridled greed of the owners had become the obsession of a company augmenting its wealth like an addict! No considerations, no regards and no hoopla for tail end bloggers. The populace that has served Nuffnang well in spreading the name from nothing had given Nuffnang the benefit of all doubts from beginning. One life cycle of that benefit is almost over. The first group of wounded are now slowly is coming to their sense. Will they affect the operation of Nuffnang? My answer is no, because operation of Nuffnang was never dependent on the lower tail end of the community once their name is spread and has covered the internet. They are now amassing fortunes from celebrity blogs and blogs which yield high traffic. The intent of amassing tail end blog is to beguile the trust of advertisers that they have a huge following and that purpose has long been served. They are expired in the eyes of Nuffnang. Read that again – You Are Expired In The Eyes of Nuffnang! If anybody thinks Nuffnang’s self impose mute on the allegations are doing them harm, think again. Those who are not earning will leave; yes indeed they do not need you to hang their blue logo anymore. Those that are earning well (celebrity bloggers and high traffic blogs) will not leave because Nuffnang has allow them to make money. Those who leave will leave, those who won’t leave, would not leave. A public statement would not change an iota of that reality. They are clever in avoiding because it is going to do them no benefit by issuing any statement and keeping tongue-tied are not going to do them any further harm. They had made their calculations, now you know where the 2 owners of Nuffnang are considering being intelligent. They have made their calculations and decided not to take part in countering any allegations because they understood the new compact of their next move! Ladies and gentleman, their silence is loud and clear.

The Fifteenth quintessential assertion for your representative: Given the current circumstances of Nuffnang’s relentless, do you seriously believe that hanging on to that blue logo will make you money one day? Do you believe they have not betray your trust for coming up with a reason to make you sign up in the first place but refuse to even justify that reason now?

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Calling Mr Larry Lim – Nuffnang

November 16, 2007

Dear Larry,

Sir is there any misunderstanding between us that need to be corrected? Come on; let’s show the community a sign of respect. I’m waiting for you here.

humbly remain,

Harry Lee

Mr Larry Lim – Nuffnang

November 16, 2007
Sir, protest is a measure of discontent, and in a creation like Nuffnang, community will always feel discontented, that is the essence we must respect. Freedom is a measure of our sense of self. Everyone has their own agenda, their own concerns and priorities. No man will accept the opinion of others unless it coincides with theirs.

Let the discussions be free; the people must stand on issues based on their own sense of fairness.

As I know, your words can be wise, though I am not welcomed at your site, you are welcome to this site, to debate, discuss, argue or reason any topic in the world, not only Nuffnang. I hope you can advance and not retreat.

humbly thinking deeper,

Harry Lee